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Tara B

I don’t usually post reviews but this place literally saved me. I am from OC and took a drive to Ridgecrest to pick up family. On the way back my 535i broke down in the middle of Mojave. I was literally in the middle of no where, wasn’t familiar at all with where I was, and freaking out. I called 9 shops before I found Vic’s. No one else wanted to touch a BMW. Finding a specialty shop I thought was as lucky as I was going to get, fortunately I was wrong. Amelia is who I originally called and she went amazingly above and beyond to help me. She set up a tow for me to get down to the shop and then spoke with me about my vehicle in depth when I got there. The problem I originally thought was going on was soon found out to be not the case. When we realized it would be awhile and we would need to leave the car Amelia even drove me and my family, in her personal vehicle,to a nearby bowling alley until we could be picked up. Over the next few days we found out the problem we had actually caused quite a bit of damage but they always kept in contact and sent detailed reports and pictures through email. Anytime we had questions or concerns everyone Amelia, the tech Jose, and Vic all spent the time on the phone listening to us, answering our questions with great knowledge, and just overall made us feel very comfortable that we were getting great service from people who really know what they are doing. Even though we ended up with a bill bigger than we wanted (BMW right??) we felt safe in our car and now it even runs better 😉 We will definitely be making the trek from OC again if we need any work on our BMW in the future. Their service and quality of work was phenomenal. Thanks again you guys!!

Eric O

Vic is an honest man, he took care of my BMW and helped me save some money in he process. He even washed my car after the service

Ruben P.

Awesome customer service and very, very helpful!!! Thank you guys for taking car of my wife’s car and making sure she is safe and up and running better then new.

David G.

I had Vic as my service guy for my previous BMW years ago. Now that I have a new one, I’m so glad Vic is still around. Honest, trustworthy and dependable. Feels great to be back!!

Denise T.

Vics Bimmer is the place to go in you are in the Antelope Valley and own a BMW . Vic, Ameila, and Lisa are all extremely helpful and they are not out to get you with over prices repairs. Vics Bimmer is an honest family owned company and they do excellent work. I wouldn’t go anywhere else !!!!

Keni G

I am so glad I found Vic’s Bimmer Shop. I usually go to the dealer because I don’t trust just anyone with my little X3. I will definitely be using  Vic’s from now on. They are so nice, and family owned. I went there because my cell phone charger stopped working, and I thought it was something electrically wrong with my car. Turns out it was just a fuse! I was so happy and it only cost me a few dollars. They are trustworthy and efficient and I’m going to tell all of my friends with bimmers to go there.

C V.

I love this BMW shop. Always professional and courteous. They do excellent work and the staff and owners are very trustworthy. I had a radiator replaced two days ago and the BMW dealer wanted to charge me $400.00 more than Vic charged me and they delivered my car to my door step!

Michael M

I have a 1997 BMW 328i. I’ve owned it for eight years. Out here in the Antelope Valley, it gets scorching hot and hot weather days are coming. The air conditioning has never worked as well as I thought it should. Last year, when I moved to this area, I really suffered while driving. I took the car into Vic’s for diagnosis and repair. The problem? This cabin air filter. Had I known there was such a thing, I would have had it replaced years ago. My guess is it was never replaced. Filthy, huh? All that gunk blocked the air flow. Everything else in the a/c system is operating correctly (a bit surprising, given the car’s age). The air blows like a monster now, like three times more volume. I’m ready for summer.  This is an honest shop. A dishonest shop would have been able to claim there were other problems, things that would be expected in an old car. Thank you, Vic & Company!

Randy R.

This place kicks ass! I took my wife’s baby (her 2009 328i) to Vic’s Bimmer on Friday March 4, 2016. Her car needed the battery replaced and the onboard computer needed reprogramming. I was unable to find a shop in my hometown, and the closest BMW dealer is more than 2 hours away. I was a little reluctant to visit an independent shop to have the computer reprogrammed as I wasn’t sure they would have the needed software.  What impressed me the most was their communication before my visit. I tried to call Wednesday morning but it was a bit early and they weren’t open. I sent an email asking about the work I needed. They promptly replied to my email with answers to all my questions including an estimate. I called later that morning and they set me an appointment based on my schedule as I would be driving an hour and a half to get there.  I arrived to my appointment a bit early and they got the car in right away. I spoke with several employees all of whom were very friendly. This is a family run business and it is obvious they treat their customers like a guest in their home. I would love to spend a holiday in their home. I bet they are a blast to hang out with.  They repaired my wife’s car in a timely manner and well within the estimate. They also advised me of other things on the car that needed attention, yet it wasn’t a high pressure type of upselling work that other shops try.  I will definitely return for any work the car needs.

Brian C.

Vic’s Bimmer provides honest and inexpensive work.  I would go there again and again for anything dealing with my BMW. They replaced my BMWs engine for half the price that the dealership wanted.  They provided free pickup and dropoff to my home while the car was in the shop. Since the total repair costs were more than I had in my bank account, they let me make monthly payments until it was paid off  and even let me take my car home immediately after it was fixed (while I still owed a few thousand dollar balance).  And the best part was, they didn’t even charge interest on the balance.   Vic’s is a true family run business that takes care of their customers and the vehicles. I highly recommend Vic’s and would bring my BMW here again in a heartbeat.

Noro Z.

Only place in AV I will trust my BMW with, they are the ONLY ones who have all the newest tools and software for my 2011 BMW X5. If you want true and honest people working on your vehicle don’t hesitate to try Vic’s Bimmer, I will definitely use them instead of the dealer for any future repairs. Thank you for your quick service!

Jaime C

I’ve taken my 2005 545i  for regular maintenance and required repairs now a few times and you just can’t beat their prices and great customer service, this is the place to take your BMW in the Antelope Valley. They have done regular oil changes to replacing needed arm bushings on my vehicle and the car is running as good as new. I will continue to take my car here for needed services.

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